At the Ends of the Day is a late night pirate radio station, run beyond the borders via Zoom. Every time zone has its own DJ, broadcasting for the last hour of their day.

Each DJ weaves a unique, orchestrated soundscape based on their live outdoor ambient noise. Over this, they layer other end-of-the-day recordings, from countries where the same day has already finished.

Join the Scottish broadcast and share in the final hour of our day together with fellow strangers.

You are invited to light just one candle, turn off all your electrical lights, and wear headphones. With a pseudonym, enter dark cyberspace, only collectively lit by candles of the participants.

Unlike normal Zoom meetings, anything that identifies you, such as your face or your name, is completely absent. At the Ends of the Day is both communal and reflective; a late night antidote to Zoom fatigue.

Künstlerische Leitung: Mamoru Iriguchi
Performance: Uther Dean (New Zealand), Yoheo Yamada (Japan), Zhuoer Lin (China), Nuriya Abu Jaber (Palestine), Titus Shaanika (Namibia), Asja (Germany), Jaimie Sutherland (Scotland), Andrean Sigurgeirsson (Iceland)
Dramaturgie und Performance: Greg Sinclair
Tech and Sound Design: David MacAart

"It’s late, and I’m tired. Mamoru Iriguchi’s At the Ends of the Day starts at 10.50pm, and as I log into Zoom I wonder how on earth the “late-night pirate radio station” is going to keep me awake. By the end, I am blown away; this is Zoom unlike I have ever experienced it before."
5 Star Review in >>A Younger Theatre<<

"It is difficult to describe how powerful this experience is, as an evocation of global community; but if you ever have the chance to join Iriguchi's virtual nighttime communion, then take it - for the sake of your soul and you humanity."
The Scotsman