New Old Fiction

One evening - three short solos about telling and listening to stories and about that which is left untold.

Maren Ada Küpper, ASJA, and Carlos Franke contribute to and share in a self-organized event and let their works enter a conversation with each other about old characters, new narratives, and re-discovered fantasies.

//This is: O Solitude// Maren Ada Küpper

And so it was decided that apprentice Leslie Lachlan would spend her years of recognition on a solo mission far away in mountains that she had never been to before. Her story is one of travel, danger, injury and deep-felt emotions - and we are reading it, smoking, checking our phones, keeping her company.

This work-in-progress is a performative and literary study on solitude, on the artistic solo and on the comfort and hardship one may find in the company of fictional characters.

//Tales of Construction// ASJA

Which stories are mine to tell? Which stories are untold that are mine? ASJA gets entangled in the past and sinks into lost narratives.
Tales of Construction is a performance about learning, remembering and imagining.

//Der goldene Hund// Carlos Franke

It is told that Tantalus was rightfully punished for his greed with eternal hunger and thirst. How did it come to this? There are different accounts.
An attempt at storytelling: About the one whose "soul thirsts as if it were body". About living with a robot vacuum cleaner, which is a gift from heaven, about technological progress and about the inability to talk about feelings. But also about the joy of dancing like nobody's watching.

New Old Fiction New Old Fiction
New Old Fiction
New Old Fiction